Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Le Bistro Estates

Le Bistro Estates

 Lola's Lake/Boating system: Nothing like testing your sea legs by taking a boat around Le Bistro Estates.  Whether you're showing off our fair sim to visitors or playing tourist for the day, taking to the water is a great way to see breathtaking views your home and enjoying a peaceful retreat away from land.
 Community Pool: Ready for a dip? Pool party? Kids want to take a swim too? Pool is heated during the winter so feel free to come on down anytime.  Lockers and changing rooms are available for you before you take a dip in the pool.  Live entertainment can and will be provided for you here as well.  Kids don't forget your floaties!

 Shamera's Lounge: Time to wine and dine!  Open to you as a resident anytime -- come on down and bring the family or loved one over for a classy time.  Perfect place for date night.  The Le Bistro Ultimate Tables come equipped with food for any meal of the day accessible to you at the lounge.  We also will provide open mic nights and live singing here for your pleasurable entertainment.

Gardens Park: From picnics to barbeques, watching the kids run around to walking the dog, exercise sessions with your friends....Gardens Park is home to an enjoyable time.  Couples, we invite you to use the cuddle grounds and massage cave.  Kids we have a great selection of fun things for you to do. :)

LBE Gas Station:  There is no way you have been driving that car around all this time and haven't filled it up yet!  Save yourself having to call the tow truck and fill that tank up. Feel free to pick up free drinks and snacks inside the store...from Kittles and Gummy Bears to Hot Amales and Raisinets--they are all at your yummy service :)

SubVay: Eat Free:) Don't feel like cooking? Bring your family down and enjoy a bite.  You can actually make your own sandwich! Grab a neighbor if you can...unless you don't feel like sharing that foot long :)

Bilasimo's Drive-In Theater: The ability to have a place to let the top down of the car and enjoy the warm atmosphere while watching a movie is a pastime experience that is unparalleled. The concession stand is also available for your pleasure.  Don't forget to "buy" your tickets! New movie every week :)

Lake Victoria: Calm waters and a gorgeous sunset sits on this lake.  Grab your fishing rods and bait and come catch a live one!  Allow for the calmness of the waters to add to your pleasure, relaxation, and comfort.

- Get your paper!!! Do not forget to grab your newspaper from your doorstep every Sunday.  The newspaper boy will be on his bike delivering it so feel free to shout him a hello! Very important to read in order to keep up to date with community events and coupons for Le Bistro products and much more.

- Trash Thursday: Every Thursday the garbageman is coming around to collect the trash! Place it properly on the curb or else your house will be stinky for the rest of the week!  Trash really can overflow!

- Fitness Friday: Strap those shoelaces on tight! Our neighbors enjoy feeling fit and refreshed.  We may run around the neighborhood, participate in some calming Yoga or really feel a burn from an intense workout at the park! Either way get ready to burnnnnnn it off!

- Townhouse meeting: If needed, every month a date will be set aside for community meetings to discuss any and all concerns as well as collaborative efforts to make OUR community more fulfilling and desirable.

- Seasonal decorations: Expect the unexpected! We will be updating the look of the sim every season and holidays will definitely be full of events for your pleasure.

- Weather will actually change during the week so brace yourself and get ready for your clear days and not-so-sunny days :)

*All of the above is subject to change during the week.*

Come visit us and feel like home!

Friday, August 31, 2012


We are so glad we can say we are the first in so many things in the scheme of Second Life Cooking! Take a look at the videos below to see what we have been up to!

Le Bistro Releases The First Ever Bakeable Cakes In SL!

Le Bistro Releases The First Ever Cookable Meals In SL!

Le Bistro Releases The Most Interactive Kitchen In SL!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Le Bistro - Toast & Scrambled Eggs Bagged 1.3

Le Bistro - Toast & Scrambled Eggs Bagged 1.3

1) Rez your pots and pans on your stove!
2) Place your tray on a nearby table.
3) Click each pan and pot once. (If you want the food to automatically just go to the tray as soon as it completes click it twice)
4) Wait til the pots and pans emote four times then click to send th efood to the tray.
5) You and your guest touch the vase to have your plate and fork given to you, or to serve to the placemat, touch the tray and choose to send to the meal to one place mat or all placemats. If you chose to send one to each placemat at a time touch the tray and choose serve one, then the placemat you want the meal to be served to.
6) Enjoy!
7) To reset your tray simply touch the tray and choose reset!

If you forget your food in the stove, it will burn!!

Le Bistro - Chocolate M&M Cookie Set VERSION 2

Le Bistro -  Chocolate M&M Cookie Set (Wear) VERSION 2

1) Wear the mixer and the bowl.
2) Touch the mixer to turn it on.
3) Once the bowl is fully mixed touch the bowl.
4) The cookies appear on your tray, you can then move your tray to your oven if you desire or leave it on the table.
5) Cookies will began to bake.
6) When cookies are fully baked touch twice to decorate.
7) When all the cookies are done touch the tray to grab one they will disappear!!
8) Rez the plate then touch the bowls of treats to decorate your Kidney Awareness Cookie!
9) When you are done decorating the plate to have your cookie sent to you !
10) Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Le Bistro - Easter Meal Version 2

Le Bistro - Easter Egg Dying Set

1) Rez your pots and pans on your stove!
2) Place your tray on a nearby table.
3) Click each pan and pot once. (If you want the food to automatically just go to the tray as soon as it completes click it twice)
4) Wait until the pots and pans emote four times then click to send the food to the tray.
5) Touch newspaper to get the egg dipper!
6) Then touch the color you want to dye the egg to to start dying it! Once your egg is all dyed it will be sent to you to keep forever!!
7) Enjoy!!