Thursday, December 8, 2011

Le Bistro - Gingerbread Man Set

Le Bistro - Gingerbread Man Set

1) Wear the mixer and the bowl.
2) Touch the mixer to turn it on.
3) Once the bowl is fully mixed touch the bowl.

4) The cookies appear on your tray, you can then move your tray to your oven if you desire or leave it on the table.
5) Cookies will began to bake.
6) When cookies are fully baked touch to decorate.
7) When all the cookies are done touch the tray to grab one they will disappear!!

8) Rez the plate then touch the bowls of treats to decorate your gingerbread man!
9) Touch the plate to have yoru gingerbread man sent to you !

10) Enjoy with your friends!

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