Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Le Bistro - Christmas Dinner

Le Bistro - Christmas Dinner
This is a big dinner! Lots of work! :)

1) Rez your pots and pans on your stove!
2) Place your tray on a nearby table.
3) Click each pan and pot once. (If you want the food to automatically just go to the tray as soon as it completes click it twice)
4) Wait til the pots and pans emote four times then click to send th efood to the tray.
5) You and your guest touch the vase to have your plate and fork given to you, or to serve to the placemat, touch the tray and choose to send to the meal to one place mat or all placemats. If you chose to send one to each placemat at a time touch the tray and choose serve one, then the placemat you want the meal to be served to.
6) Enjoy!
7) To reset your tray simply touch the tray and choose reset!

Le Bistro - Cookies For Santa
1) Wear the mixer and the bowl.
2) Touch the mixer to turn it on.
3) Once the bowl is fully mixed touch the bowl.
4) The cookies appear on your tray, you can then move your tray to your oven if you desire or leave it on the table.
5) Cookies will began to bake.
6) When cookies are fully baked touch to decorate.
7) When all the cookies are done touch the tray to place them on a plate for Santa!
8) Touch the carton of milk to pour Santa a glass of milk!
9) Touch the cookies to make them disappear and touch the glass of milk to get cup!
10) Enjoy!!!

Get your Christmas Dinner set with Cookies for Santa included at our store or the market place!
Don't forget to share your cooking pictures at our Flickr and Facebook!!
Happy Holidays!

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